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Welcome to the FlyingHinges website! I've had a number of nicknames over the years including (comparatively recently) Captain Flying Carpet. Well Flying Hinges is Captain Flying Carpet's repository of almost all the crazy stuff he's been into over the years. (What sort of nutter talks about themself in the third person I wonder?!)

I have divided the site into the sections detailed below. Feel free to explore and if there’s anything you can’t find or understand - get in touch!

Carl Nielsen, June 2018

All me stuff!

The FlyingHinges YouTube Channel

It's eclectic, man!


I believe The Bible is the most awesome library ever constructed...


I used to be in a band in the nineties...

Seriously Tempramental Ornery Monster Perambulator

Did you know I was on Robot Wars?


I'm developing a 3D printer... this section is ‘under development’ (groan!)