Stomp - Meet the team

In alphabetical order:

Radio Technician Simon Fry

Although physics and electronics are his areas of special knowledge, he is also partial to wielding an Angle-Grinder whenever possible.

Chief Engineer John 'Mad Jack' Lilley

He's not called mad for nothing. His engineering ability and knowledge of STOMP is second to none, and as he has often said "I know this ship like the back of my hand".

Counsellor Tim Mitchell

Also in charge of procurements and welding. His role is to bring the Common Sense view when everyone else is going crazy.

Captain Carl Nielsen

Obnoxious, overbearing, self-important bigot. He thinks he brings sanity to an otherwise unruly crew. He would secretly like to turn prospective components of STOMP into items of furniture.

Science Officer Malcolm Ramsay

His speciality is Astro-Navigation and the only robot engineer to have failed woodwork at school. He has also written a prize-winning science fiction short story.